Where to Start – Investing for Beginners Part 1

The Internet is filled with handbooks on what to invest in, how to invest in the stock market, how to invest in stocks, how to invest in crude oil and how to invest in whatever you want. It’s worth knowing that and it will most certainly help people who are more involved in investing. Unfortunately, the number of such handbooks is much higher than that of online coaches.  I regret to admit that when I started my adventure with investing, it was almost impossible to find a guide for novice traders or a blog for beginners. A lot was published online on investment advice and related issues, but these were usually data for experts. Few could explain what investing for beginners is all about.


Now or never. How to invest smartly

The one who doesn’t have the courage to dream will have no strength to fight – Paul Michael Zulehner

If the formal matters such as “Hi, My name is …” are already out of the way, I will answer your most frequently asked question, that is: Where did you get the money from, man? And my favorites: Who have you robbed? Well, I haven’t stolen anything from anyone because I don’t know how to steal – seriously, I even tried to steal a Sneakers bar once, but even that didn’t work out. Everything I have, I owe to my work, preparation, and a bit of luck, so I want to tell you how I made a lot of money. Everything is hidden behind one word – investment, which is only one of my sources of income.