Cryptoeddu is a platform through which you can purchase an educational package with cryptocurrency or receive e-coins as a free gift. What customer reviews does this service receive and is it worth taking advantage of? How do I navigate the Cryptoeddu website? This can be done in one of two ways.

Cryptocurrency package – something for beginners

The educational package with cryptocurrency includes a set of training materials, webinars, e-books and study aids, which are fully dedicated to the basics of investing in e-coins. Currently, there are many educational packages available on the market, addressed mainly at beginners who are interested in expanding their knowledge of this prospective topic and finding out more about investing.

An educational package is therefore a comprehensive collection of knowledge about cryptocurrencies, investments, risk management and the technology behind e-coins. Most packages convey knowledge in an interesting form, ranging from webinars with experts to e-books focusing on individual lessons. The additional free cryptocurrency is designed to encourage customers who have purchased an educational package to start making their own cryptocurrency investments.

Most educational packages use an intermediary to store cryptocurrency – the e-coins are stored in a special account on the Cryptoeddu platform. This aims to protect novice investors from making mistakes resulting from insufficient knowledge, such as giving permission to steal the stored currency.

Cryptoeddu – a platform for beginners and advanced investors

Cryptoeddu is an intermediary platform through which customers can access the free cryptocurrency they have collected.

To do this, they need to purchase the training set as part of the educational package with cryptocurrency – the price includes only the educational materials, and the customer receives units in the particular cryptocurrency for free.

It is possible to collect the cryptocurrency that has previously been obtained as part of purchasing the package directly from the producer. Various types of packages can be purchased from Cryptoeddu‘s platform partners, and then, you only need to enter the eight-digit code received with the package to receive access to the free e-coins. Before this happens, however, you should make sure that your package provider cooperates with Cryptoeddu.

So, Cryptoeddu is an intermediary platform where a novice investor can collect cryptocurrency or purchase an educational package. It is also possible to purchase the educational package with cryptocurrency directly on the Cryptoeddu platform and collect free e-coins within the platform.

How does this work?

The process of getting the educational package with cryptocurrency on the Cryptoeddu platform is extremely straightforward and simple. At the moment, the website gives you the opportunity to purchase the Ripple Starter Package and the Ripple Plus Package.

The Ripple Starter Package is an educational package with cryptocurrency that is intended for novice investors. It focuses on the basics of investing in e-coins, with a particular emphasis on Ripple. The package price includes the cost of order processing, while its delivery is completely free of charge. Alternatively, you can purchase the Ripple Plus Package, which is an extended version of the standard Ripple Package. Both Educational Packages with Cryptocurrency come with free Ripple cryptocurrency units, but there is more of it in the Ripple Plus package.

Once you are on the website and have selected the package you want, press the button (“Yes, I choose the PLUS Package” or “No, thank you. I choose the standard package”). You will then be redirected to a page with the suitable order form, where you need to enter your data (first name and surname, contact details and email address, as well as the number of ordered packages). Once your order has been confirmed, a COD shipment containing the information related to the selected package and a card with a code will be sent to you by regular post. The purchased educational materials in electronic form are sent to the email address after the package is paid for.

After paying for the package, the customer receives a special card with a code, in the case of the Ripple Package (and Ripple Plus Package), it is called the Ripple Card with Ripple Code. The Ripple Card is a new way to store cryptocurrency. The Ripple Code allows you to delegate the responsibility of storing your cryptocurrency to the Cryptoeddu platform. The investor then does not bear the consequences in the event of theft or taxation. For this reason, it is an effective solution for those who do not yet feel confident about managing cryptocurrencies.

To collect the cryptocurrency collected, visit the Cryptoeddu website and click the “Collect cryptocurrency” tab at the top of the page. A window will open where the code from the card will be activated.

To access your accumulated balance, i.e. the cryptocurrency units and their current value, you need to enter the eight-character Ripple Code found on your card and the email address you provided when making the order. The Cryptoeddu website will then confirm the identity of the customer, and the collected amount in cryptocurrency will be paid to the address of a specific cryptocurrency e-wallet.

Cryptoeddu and online reviews

To date, Cryptoeddu has been receiving extremely positive reviews online:

I’ve been investing in crypto for a few years now, mainly because my girlfriend was interested in such things. Sometimes I gained money, and sometimes I lost money because despite using free materials from the Internet, my knowledge about cryptocurrencies was not extensive. I’ve been duplicating a lot of the myths discussed in online forums and Reddit. After using the package purchased on Cryptoeddu, the quality of my investments has definitely improved, and I have gained a source of knowledge that I will keep coming back to.

I’ve never been interested in investing, but I am curious about new technologies, especially designing solutions for businesses. Cryptocurrencies were not on the spectrum of my interest, but I finally decided it was time to learn something about them. I bought the package and got the code for Cryptoeddu. Everything went smoothly, and I quickly paid out the currency I got for free.

Unfortunately, it seems that recently someone has decided to carry out some negative campaigning in regards to the Cryptoeddu platform because, after so many months of the website functioning, it was all of a sudden bombarded with negative reviews. However, they do not seem credible, as the portal has been receiving overwhelmingly positive comments to date.

Cryptoeddu and our opinion

According to our editorial team, Cryptoeddu offers an interesting and quite innovative service, which is designed for novice investors. Without a doubt, free cryptocurrency units set this platform apart from others offering investment-related material. The educational packages offered should effectively prepare you for making your first investments, and the way Ripple tokens are stored makes them suitably protected. Customers seem to also praise good communication channels with the intermediary.

So we give the Cryptoeddu platform a positive rating, just as most readers have rated it. Hopefully, this analysis will help someone make the decision to purchase an educational package and claim the free cryptocurrency.


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